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Delta Stock Inc.
Delta Stock Inc. is licensed as financial intermediary since 1998. It is a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and Central Depository AD. It is one of the oldest and largest online brokerage companies on the Bulgarian market that offer their own trading platform.
Country details


Country name:
conventional long form: Republic of Bulgaria
conventional short form: Bulgaria

Area: 42,822 mi2 (110,910 km2)

Location: Bulgaria is bound on the north by Romania, on the east by the Black Sea, on the south by Turkey and Greece, and on the west by Serbia and Montenegro (formerly the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Population: 7,450,349 (July 2005 est.)

Capital: Sofia

Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGL)

Central Bank:
Bulgarian National Bank
The Bulgarian National Bank, established in 1879, is the Central Bank of Bulgaria. Its main objective is to maintain the stability of the national currency, the Lev, through the implementation of adequate policies and of an efficient payment system. After the introduction of a Currency Board Arrangement on July 1, 1997, the number of monetary policy instruments at the disposal of the Bank was reduced and the exchange rate is currently fixed by Law at 1.95583 Levs per Euro. The BNB has the exclusive right to issue banknotes and coins in Bulgaria. They are produced in the Bank’s Printing Works and Bulgarian Mint. The BNB performs the function of financial agent of the government . The Bulgarian National Bank regulates and supervises the banking sector aiming at the stability of the banking system. The Bank grants banking licenses, conducts on-site inspections and collects data from the commercial banks. Non-bank financial institutions, such as financial houses, are also subject to licensing and supervision by the Bank. The BNB controls commercial banks’ trade in and settlement of government securities. The Bank administers the Government Securities Depository and monitors the activities of the Central Depository.

Stock Exchange(s):

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