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Refco Futures (Canada) Ltd. ("RFC")
RFC is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, a member of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada, a participating organization of the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange, and a member of the Montreal Exchange. Refco Direct is a trademark of Refco Futures (Canada) Ltd. RFC is a commodity futures brokerage firm offering full service, discount and Online Trading. Our Services include foreign exchange trading, single stock futures, managed futures, and system assist trading.
NBG Bank
Dealing in 11 currencies, NBG Bank foreign exchange services help you manage your currency exposure when buying or selling internationally. Banking and commercial foreign exchange services.
Country details


Country name:
conventional long form:none
conventional short form: Canada

Area: 9,984,670 km2

Location: Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, North Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Arctic Ocean on the north, north of the conterminous US

Population: 32,507,874 (July 2004est.)

Capital: Ottawa

Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Central Bank:
Bank of Canada
Banque du Canada
The Bank of Canada's responsibilities focus on the goals of low and stable inflation, a safe and secure currency, financial stability, and the efficient management of government funds and public debt.

Stock Exchange(s):
Toronto Stock Exchange
Montreal Exchange (ME)
Winnipeg Commodity Exchange

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