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FX Online Japan Co., Ltd.
FX Online Japan Kabushiki Kaisha was founded in 2002 by two Tokyo based bilingual UK financial professionals with experience spanning over 20 years in the Japanese, UK and Hong Kong financial markets, with the sole aim of bringing global standards to Japan in the Foreign Exchange markets. The company now makes highly competitive prices with extremely low commissions for the most currency pairs available anywhere in Japan.
FXASIA..,Ltd. (FXA) located in Tokyo Japan provide our customers with the highest quality of trade execution and the tools to make intelligent trades. They are using the "ICTS" trading platform - the fastest, most convenient, and technologically advanced trading instrument on the market. FXAsia Ltd. was founded in August 2000 in Japan by a group of professionals .Today FXAsia has grown with a diverse group of professionals, which includes some of the worlds top dealers, analysts, financial advisers and IT professionals to provide its clients with the best services and trading facilities in the foreign exchange market
Country details


Country name:
conventional long form:none
conventional short form: Japan

Area: 377,835 km2

Location: Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula

Population: 127,214,499 (July 2003 est.)

Capital: Tokyo

Currency: Yen (JPY)

Central Bank:
Bank of Japan
The Bank of Japan's missions are to maintain price stability and to ensure the stability of the financial system, thereby laying the foundations for sound economic development.

Stock Exchange(s):
Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)

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