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Country details


Country name:
conventional long form: Latvia
conventional short form: Latvia
local long form: Latvijas Republika
local short form: Latvija

Area: 64,589 km2

Location: Latvia is a country in Northern Europe. Latvia has land borders with its two fellow Baltic states Estonia to the north and Lithuania to the south and Russia and Belarus to the east. In the west, Latvia shares a maritime border with Sweden.

Population: 2,290,237 (July 2005 est.)

Capital: Latvia

Currency: Lats (Ls), (LVL)

Central Bank:
Bank of Latvia (Latvijas Banka)
The Bank of Latvia is the central bank of the Republic of Latvia.
The Bank of Latvia shall enjoy the full rights of a state institution. It shall hold state property and have a stamp (seal) reproducing the full state emblem of the Republic of Latvia and bearing the Bank's name "Latvijas Banka" (Bank of Latvia).
The main objective of the Bank of Latvia shall be to maintain price stability in the country

Stock Exchange(s):
Riga Stock Exchange (Rigas Fondu birza)

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