Economic Indicators analysis is the examination of the underlying forces that affect the interests of the economy, industrial sectors and companies. As with most analysis, the goal is to derive a forecast for the future. Learning the monthly sequence of economic releases and market reaction to each release is one of the first steps in learning to track the economy. Forex traders should be taught to compare market expectations with actual economic indicators and then evaluate market reactions. It's the difference between market expectations for an economic release and the actual release number that primarily affect market movement.

Currency prices reflect the balance of supply and demand for currencies. Two primary factors affecting supply and demand are interest rates and the overall strength of the economy. Economic indicators such as GDP, foreign investment and the trade balance reflect the general health of an economy and are therefore responsible for the underlying shifts in supply and demand for that currency. There is a tremendous amount of data released at regular intervals, some of which is more important than others. Data related to interest rates and international trade is looked at the closest.

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Key Economic Indicators

Handbook of Key Economic Indicators

by R. Mark Rogers

This handbook is geared to analysts and traders who need quick access to data relating to key U.S. economic indicators. It considers what indicators mean and how they are calculated, compiled, and reported to enhance informed financial decision making. Employment. . .Inflation. . .Consumer Spending. Each month, financial markets react to these and other important figures. The data, tables, charts, and graphs in this authoritative book explain how each indicator is determined, and how readers can effectively use this information. New sections include employment and labor figures, new GDP measures, and much more.
Key Economic Indicators

The Atlas of Economic Indicators

by W. Stansbury Carnes

Useful for professional and individual investors, executives or business students--a unique atlas of what makes the markets move. Developed from a popular in-house pamphlet used at Shearson Lehman, this accessible and thoroughly illustrated resource makes understanding economic indicators much simpler. Charts and graphs.
Key Economic Indicators

Trading the Fundamentals:

The Trader's Guide to Interpreting Economic Indicators and Monetary Policy

by Micahel P. Niemira, Gerald F. Zukowski

Economic indicators and economic policy have an incredible impact on the volatile financial markets, yet it is often up to traders and investors to interpret the effects and take decisive action. Trading the Fundamentals explains the significance and market impact of all widely followed economic numbers, including the Consumer Price Index, Employment Report and other well-known indicators. Completely updated and revised to reflect today's highly computerized environment, Trading the Fundamentals provides readers with all the tools they need to analyze economic news and make appropriate investment decisions. New topics include: A new emphasis on data availability through the Internet; More detail on indicators such as layoffs and productivity; A completely overhauled discussion of Federal Reserve policy; A discussion of the phases of the business expansion part of the cycle.
Auto and Truck Sales
Business Inventories
Chicago PMI
Conference Board Consumer Confidence
Construction Spending
Consumer Credit
CPI: Consumer Price Index
Durable Goods Orders
Employment Cost Index
Existing Home Sales
Export/Import Prices
Factory Orders
GDP: Gross Domestic Product
Housing Starts and Building Permits
Industrial Production
Initial Claims
International Trade
Leading Indicators
Money Supply
NAPM: National Association of Purchasing Managers
New Home Sales
Non-Manufacturing NAPM
Personal Income and Consumption
Philadelphia Fed Index
PPI: Producer Price Index
Productivity and Costs
Regional Manufacturing Surveys
Retail Sales
The Employment Report
Treasury Budget
University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index
Weekly Chain Store Sales
Wholesale Trade
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